Kushal Bastakoti

I was born in a small town Pokhara of a beautiful country Nepal. Few years back I moved to US as an International student to finish my higher studies. Currently, I am an undergraduate student at the University of North Texas with Fine Arts major. My inspiration to pursue Art came from my Dad who is also an artist. I was exposed to painting at a very young age and I have pursued it as a professional career since the very beginning.

I do different styles of artwork including abstract, realistic, landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, and illustration artworks.I have done more than ten solo art exhibitions and about twenty-five Juried Art shows. My goal as an Artist is to express stories of different places which represents diverse collection of people. Recently, I have also found Art as a medium to aware people regarding the adverse effects of climate change and that has greatly inspired me to express it more through my artworks.

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